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This is a list of typical IPAs available year round at the
LCBO. -rejtable

Last Update: Nov 18 2016

Beyond the Pale Aromatherapy IPA

$4.50 per 473 mL can

Black Oak 10 Bitter Years

$6.95 per 650 mL bottle

Muskoka Mad Tom IPA

$3.45 per 473 mL can

Muskoka Twice as Mad Tom

$14.50 per 6x341 mL bottle

Nickel Brook Head Stock IPA

$3.45 per 473 mL can

Sawdust City Lone Pine IPA

$3.35 per 473 mL can

Stone IPA

$7.60 per 650 mL bottle


dlb 31 Jan 2018 9:07am
Any IPA from Great Lakes Brewery !!!

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