Schneider Hopfen Weisse

Original Name:Schneider Hopfen Weisse
Style:wheat beer (see more like this)
Brewery:Privatbrauerei G. Schneider & Sohn
Country:Germany, Region Not Specified
Price:$3.45 per 500 mL bottle
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Ralphus 12 Jun 2010 12:37pm
This is now showing up in stores across the province. Has anyone had a chance to try it? Of all the beers in the summer release list this appeared to be one gaining the most interest.
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The VIllage
The VIllage 12 Jun 2010 10:16pm
Just tried it tonight. Amazing floral aroma that hits hard. Overpowering almost, but in a a good way. Alcohol is there but reasonable unless the temp goes up. But it still has the refreshing weiss quality in it to make for a good summer brew. Amazing beer overall. I still have one but I'm going back on Monday to pick up a few more. It's a strong one but already looking like a go to beer for the summer.
nelson 19 Jun 2010 5:24pm
I had the Brooklyn brewed version of this one day and this one the next. Of the two, I found this one more enjoyable. The American hops in the Brooklyn version cover up a lot of the yeast character, and I found the alcohol came through a bit more. The Schneider one I enjoyed a lot and think the hops used in it suit it a lot better. The alcohol as well comes across as smoother.
Lukie 24 Jun 2010 2:31am
Passion fruit and mango dominate the palate. Its all very well balanced.
The_mc 24 Jun 2010 10:39am
It is really great. I am going to go grab some more!
duckdown 6 Aug 2010 1:24pm
passion fruit and mango?? I don't get that at all.

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