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Newest Beers Released 22 Nov 8:02am
Thanks JonahHex! I have created a new release page and added it to the main.. -Ralphus read comment
Newest Beers Released 3 Nov 2:55pm
Winter Seasonal Craft Beer Release 2018/19 with #s & links is up at.. -JonahHex read comment
Fullers Russian Imperial Stout 30 Oct 2:05pm
LCBO finally listened to me and has renamed it as Russian Imp Stout since it is.. -tyke read comment
Lodestar Sour Ale With Pick Guava 30 Sep 6:33pm
pink guava more a fruit beer than a sour -tyke read comment
New Holland Dragons Milk 23 Sep 11:21am
Up another .75 from last year's price jump. Still worth it though since it.. -tyke read comment
Ephemere Strawberry Rhubarb 11 Aug 8:50pm
too sweet almost sickly -tyke read comment
drinkvine 20 Jul 9:44am
Speak for yourself. I will try back later today. -Big Bob read comment
drinkvine 20 Jul 8:57am
matches are now back... -Urotsukidoji read comment
drinkvine 19 Jul 1:25pm
So ..... all my matches disappeared today?!! -Urotsukidoji read comment
drinkvine 3 Jul 10:20pm
yup all good now thanks -Urotsukidoji read comment
drinkvine 3 Jul 9:33am
You should be good to go. -Ralphus read comment
drinkvine 2 Jul 8:55pm
can not log in at all now under new email, and can not view main page with.. -Urotsukidoji read comment
Newest Beers Released 30 Jun 2:21pm
How come the list cuts off after just this first little bit? When you click.. -duckdown read comment
drinkvine 27 Jun 12:25pm
thanks - request sent -Urotsukidoji read comment
drinkvine 26 Jun 2:22pm
I think you must have been affected by the email outage mentioned in the.. -Ralphus read comment
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matttthewgeorge 17 Nov 2012 9:50am
from bartowel: The following beers have been confirmed to be part of the LCBO Nøgne ø Brewery Feature, set to be released to select LCBO stores in the week of December 10th:

296871 / Tiger Tripel / 500 / 9.0% / \$6.55
296301 / Underlig Jul / 500 / 6.5% / \$6.50
296293 / #100 / 500 / 10.0% / \$6.65
296285 / Porter / 500 / 7.0% / \$6.45
296277 / Two Captains Double IPA / 500 / 8.5% / \$6.65
Ralphus 6 Dec 2012 10:00pm
For those of you on google+ please join our new google+ community!
Ralphus 10 Dec 2012 12:12am
I have added a new feature to the drink detail pages. In the style
area there is now a link to a list of other drinks which are of the
same style as the current drink.
ercousin 11 Dec 2012 2:13pm
Cool site Ralphus, I just discovered it and will be making good use of this in the future. I assume the stock level are just scraped from LCBO database?
Ralphus 11 Dec 2012 8:42pm
Thanks. You are correct. All products are updated once a day. Top
100 products are updated 3X a day.
barfy 20 Dec 2012 11:44pm
Did Rogue's Brutal IPA used to have the "discontinued" text on it?
Cause it no longer has it.
matttthewgeorge 22 May 2013 8:19am
Ralphus, at 8am I notice there are invetory updates on
lcbo.com but they haven't updated here, so I'm wondering what
time of day drinkvine imports the updates? Thx!
Ralphus 22 May 2013 7:27pm
LCBO updates are very interesting in that sometimes they are
updated at 8am and sometimes not. Its not consistent. I've
tracked it for weeks and there isn't a discernible pattern.. or I
should say, there didn't used to be back when I first started.
As you an imagine.. there a lot of items to update on a daily
basis. The "Top 100" are updated multiple times a day and the
rest are updated sequentially, starting shortly after 8. It can
take a few hours for them all to get updated.
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