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Newest Beers Released 22 Nov 8:02am
Thanks JonahHex! I have created a new release page and added it to the main.. -Ralphus read comment
Newest Beers Released 3 Nov 2:55pm
Winter Seasonal Craft Beer Release 2018/19 with #s & links is up at.. -JonahHex read comment
Fullers Russian Imperial Stout 30 Oct 2:05pm
LCBO finally listened to me and has renamed it as Russian Imp Stout since it is.. -tyke read comment
Lodestar Sour Ale With Pick Guava 30 Sep 6:33pm
pink guava more a fruit beer than a sour -tyke read comment
New Holland Dragons Milk 23 Sep 11:21am
Up another .75 from last year's price jump. Still worth it though since it.. -tyke read comment
Ephemere Strawberry Rhubarb 11 Aug 8:50pm
too sweet almost sickly -tyke read comment
drinkvine 20 Jul 9:44am
Speak for yourself. I will try back later today. -Big Bob read comment
drinkvine 20 Jul 8:57am
matches are now back... -Urotsukidoji read comment
drinkvine 19 Jul 1:25pm
So ..... all my matches disappeared today?!! -Urotsukidoji read comment
drinkvine 3 Jul 10:20pm
yup all good now thanks -Urotsukidoji read comment
drinkvine 3 Jul 9:33am
You should be good to go. -Ralphus read comment
drinkvine 2 Jul 8:55pm
can not log in at all now under new email, and can not view main page with.. -Urotsukidoji read comment
Newest Beers Released 30 Jun 2:21pm
How come the list cuts off after just this first little bit? When you click.. -duckdown read comment
drinkvine 27 Jun 12:25pm
thanks - request sent -Urotsukidoji read comment
drinkvine 26 Jun 2:22pm
I think you must have been affected by the email outage mentioned in the.. -Ralphus read comment
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tyke 23 Oct 2017 1:01pm
A glut of raspberries in Scotland this summer? We had Harviestoun adding rasps to old engine oil for
Raspy Engine and now I&Gunn chucking some in their Lat and Long saison
tyke 25 Oct 2017 4:54pm
Just got a case of 2017 Fullers Vintage Ale today so it'e there even if not listed and expect Sam Smith
Winter Welcome to show soon
tyke 6 Nov 2017 12:22pm
No SS Winter Welcome this year according to Jeff at Quench imports. Massive jump in price of
Dragons Milk from \$7.40 to \$9.95 over the weekend 34% increase??
matttthewgeorge 18 Jan 2018 7:06pm
Whatís the status of this site? Any admins anymore? Been a long time since an update. Been a while since
anyone posted for that matter. I for one still use it regularly; would hate to see it fade away.
Ralphus 20 Jan 2018 4:09pm
Hi MT - yes, still here! Glad to hear you find it useful. I have no plans to see it fade away, but I am looking for someone to take over the updates to keep it current. If anyone is interested please let me know!
matttthewgeorge 23 Jan 2018 8:09pm
How much time does a typical update take? I could be interested but donít want to bite off more than I can
Ralphus 11 Feb 2018 9:32am
I have converted the site to use HTTPS. If you notice any problems please let me know.
Urotsukidoji 13 Feb 2018 10:16am
is there anyway to remove the sake entries from new listings?
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