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Newest Beers Released 22 Nov 8:02am
Thanks JonahHex! I have created a new release page and added it to the main.. -Ralphus read comment
Newest Beers Released 3 Nov 2:55pm
Winter Seasonal Craft Beer Release 2018/19 with #s & links is up at.. -JonahHex read comment
Fullers Russian Imperial Stout 30 Oct 2:05pm
LCBO finally listened to me and has renamed it as Russian Imp Stout since it is.. -tyke read comment
Lodestar Sour Ale With Pick Guava 30 Sep 6:33pm
pink guava more a fruit beer than a sour -tyke read comment
New Holland Dragons Milk 23 Sep 11:21am
Up another .75 from last year's price jump. Still worth it though since it.. -tyke read comment
Ephemere Strawberry Rhubarb 11 Aug 8:50pm
too sweet almost sickly -tyke read comment
drinkvine 20 Jul 9:44am
Speak for yourself. I will try back later today. -Big Bob read comment
drinkvine 20 Jul 8:57am
matches are now back... -Urotsukidoji read comment
drinkvine 19 Jul 1:25pm
So ..... all my matches disappeared today?!! -Urotsukidoji read comment
drinkvine 3 Jul 10:20pm
yup all good now thanks -Urotsukidoji read comment
drinkvine 3 Jul 9:33am
You should be good to go. -Ralphus read comment
drinkvine 2 Jul 8:55pm
can not log in at all now under new email, and can not view main page with.. -Urotsukidoji read comment
Newest Beers Released 30 Jun 2:21pm
How come the list cuts off after just this first little bit? When you click.. -duckdown read comment
drinkvine 27 Jun 12:25pm
thanks - request sent -Urotsukidoji read comment
drinkvine 26 Jun 2:22pm
I think you must have been affected by the email outage mentioned in the.. -Ralphus read comment
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Po Ned
Po Ned 3 Nov 2016 11:28am
Also in store is the Gouden Carolus gift pack (a Classic, Ambrio,
Hopsinjoor, Tripel and tulip Glass.) 474676 19.55, and Unibroue 17 256297
- 9.75. Also not online as of Nov 3
Po Ned
Po Ned 3 Nov 2016 11:38am
Apparently these beers with be listed in the new "period" starting Nov
6. So you can track them then. FYI apparently no Orval or Rodenbach out
yet. But you can find the Gouden Carolus at the Dundas and Bloor
location, and since they tend not to be the best store, I'll bet a lot
of places already have it.
Ceecee 3 Nov 2016 1:02pm
Orval and Rodenbach are part of the winter release. What is out now is the holiday release. In addition to Carolus and 17, I've seen Thor's Hammer, St. Bernardus mixed pack, St. Bernardus Christmas ale, Belhaven pack, Bons Voeux, Winter Welcome, St. Peter's Winter ale, Fuller's Vintage ale among others.
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JonahHex 3 Nov 2016 2:00pm
Haven't had Thor's Hammer yet & I really want Bons Voeux again. I think I need to go shopping! :)
Ralphus 29 Jan 2017 8:41pm
Just a note to people, we have switched to a different server. If you notice anything funny please use the 'submit feedback' link. Thanks!
Urotsukidoji 22 Mar 2017 11:46am
I seem to not be getting alerts to new matches until 2 days after items arrive at my stores :(
By then sometimes I'm out of luck.
tyke 18 Aug 2017 5:51pm
Good to see New Holland Dragon's Milk coming again. Also keen to try the new Thornbridge
tyke 23 Oct 2017 1:04pm
Christmas before halloween? Already St Bernie pack, Chimay pack, Ba Humbug, Innis&Gunn 4pack,
GKing Festive Pudding out on the shelves. Also the Wms Bros but didn't see any Kelpie in it
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