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WhiskyMalty1Jul 7 2018
Go to IPAsrejtable2Nov 18 2016
Beer September 2016BeerWatch1Oct 3 2016
International WhiskeysIntl whiskey2Sep 19 2016
Beer August 2016BeerWatch2Sep 5 2016
LCBO Beer July 2016BeerWatch2Aug 12 2016
LCBO Beer June 2016BeerWatch1Aug 12 2016
For the Love of GinRalphus3Jul 26 2016
Ottawa BreweriesPhillos2Feb 8 2016
Badass IPAs of OntarioRalphus3Jan 16 2016
New Beers Nov Dec 2015beerhaver7Jan 4 2016
Bargain red wine 2015duckdown3Dec 19 2015
Bourbon Sweet Bourboncodfish5Dec 2 2015
Best of the LCBOcodfish3Dec 1 2015
Begiesbelgie1Nov 29 2015
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Doc Hop
Doc Hop 2 Dec 2015 11:33am
No access to "For the Love of Gin" but message says that administrators
have been notified. I could definitely help with that list.

Ralphus 2 Dec 2015 11:54am
Sorry about that Doc Hop.. fixed! Please take a look now and and let me know if you have any ideas or want to take it over.
beerhaver 2 Dec 2015 2:06pm
Thanks for the feature!
Thought I'd try to make a list of new beer listings, I've added the
past month as well.
It was pretty quick to do, though it would be faster if you could add
multiple things at a time by product ID or add the description at the
same time.
Ralphus 2 Dec 2015 8:40pm
My pleasure beerhaver. Can you submit feedback with what you think would make things faster for you, in a little more detail? Or ping me on twitter (@drinkvine) and we can discuss.
beerhaver 4 Dec 2015 3:10pm
I think being able to paste in some CSV text with the ID and
description (and maybe a link to an image as well) would make it
quicker, something like:
442046, "Description text 1"
319715, "Description text 2"

My current list will probably be pretty easy to keep up to date
manually, but I could try automating it with the LCBOAPI and add
untappd or other info.
Ralphus 6 Dec 2015 6:37pm
Thanks beerhaver. That said, I think your use case is probably the 1% case, not the 99% case. If others would like a CSV input format let me know.
Ralphus 6 Dec 2015 6:38pm
BTW.. would you guys like to get notified when a list you have added to your account gets updated? Is that a feature worth adding in?
nelson 10 Dec 2015 1:35pm
Yeah that would be good. Maybe an option for a notification or having it
just show up in the "News" list on the main page? Personally I'd prefer
the news list.
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