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Go to IPAsrejtable2Nov 18 2016
Beer September 2016BeerWatch1Oct 3 2016
Beer August 2016BeerWatch2Sep 5 2016
LCBO Beer July 2016BeerWatch2Aug 12 2016
LCBO Beer June 2016BeerWatch1Aug 12 2016
Ottawa BreweriesPhillos2Feb 8 2016
Badass IPAs of OntarioRalphus3Jan 16 2016
New Beers Nov Dec 2015beerhaver7Jan 4 2016
Best of the LCBOcodfish3Dec 1 2015
Begiesbelgie1Nov 29 2015
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Ralphus 3 Jan 2016 3:35pm
Just a quick update on lists. Supplying a comment when adding a product to a list is now optional. This should reduce the barrier to entry quite a bit.

Nelson, I agree with you that adding the entry to the news area is the best idea. That will be next on my agenda.
Ralphus 16 Jan 2016 4:17pm
If a list you have added has been updated since your last login, you will now get a news entry notifying you at login.

Thanks for the suggestion Nelson!

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