Orval Trappist Ale

Original Name:Orval Trappist Ale
Style:belgian ale (see more like this)
Brewery:Brasserie D'Orval, Canada Inc.
Country:Belgium, Region Not Specified
Price:$3.45 per 330 mL bottle
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Ralphus 13 Nov 2010 10:09pm
I have made the changes to this entry. Comments are now aligned with the proper product.
Streets 19 Nov 2010 10:51am
I hope there's more in the warehouse. Sold out already in Hamilton, and I think the store only received a few bottles...
TheBeeraholic 29 Nov 2011 1:19pm
I've got two bottles of this left from a private order if anyone ies interested in making a trade.
hopbrown 11 Feb 2013 5:41pm
This is now available at LCBO.
hopbrown 12 Feb 2013 12:20pm
This is under 439992 now. Use that id for watching inventory.
Ralphus 13 Feb 2013 9:06pm
Thanks for the information hopbrown.

All users which previously had 121574 added, now have 439992 added
in its place.

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