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New Holland Dragons Milk 11 Nov 10:29am
was \$7.40 last week, now up \$2.55 per bottle?????? -tyke read comment
drinkvine 6 Nov 12:22pm
No SS Winter Welcome this year according to Jeff at Quench imports. Massive jump.. -tyke read comment
Newest Beers Released 3 Nov 1:10pm
Cuvee Van Keizer Red is returning! Blue is already in stores now, but not.. -JonahHex read comment
drinkvine 25 Oct 4:54pm
Just got a case of 2017 Fullers Vintage Ale today so it'e there even if not listed.. -tyke read comment
Newest Beers Released 23 Oct 4:24pm
Xmas beer release can be seen at.. -JonahHex read comment
Newest Beers Released 23 Oct 4:14pm
Winter Seasonal Craft Beer Release 2017. Beginning the week of December 3,.. -JonahHex read comment
drinkvine 23 Oct 1:04pm
Christmas before halloween? Already St Bernie pack, Chimay pack, Ba Humbug,.. -tyke read comment
drinkvine 23 Oct 1:01pm
A glut of raspberries in Scotland this summer? We had Harviestoun adding rasps to.. -tyke read comment
Newest Beers Released 21 Oct 2:31pm
Quite a few out under the radar. Wychwood Black Wych 588012 not part of halloween.. -tyke read comment
Newest Beers Released 20 Oct 1:55pm
no one updating the site anymore? :( -spinrsx read comment
Newest Beers Released 13 Sep 1:19pm
Halloween releases code #s & LCBO links now at.. -JonahHex read comment
Newest Beers Released 13 Sep 1:18pm
Autumn release with code #s & LCBO links now up at.. -JonahHex read comment
Amsterdam Boneshaker Gift Set 13 Sep 1:16pm
Skull mug with 4 cans set mentioned in the upcoming seasonal release, now.. -JonahHex read comment
Newest Beers Released 13 Sep 1:14pm
St. Ambroise PUMPKIN Ale now in CAN singles at.. -JonahHex read comment
drinkvine 18 Aug 5:51pm
Good to see New Holland Dragon's Milk coming again. Also keen to try the new.. -tyke read comment
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Ceecee 23 May 2013 8:26am
It usually updates at around 7:35 (as much as I love it when my baby falls asleep on me, I do
get bored). Some days they don't update the site at all. It appears that today is one of those
matttthewgeorge 23 May 2013 8:34am
Cool, thanks for the info.
Ralphus 28 May 2013 10:57pm
I have introduced some new changes at drinkvine which will
hopefully be viewed as improvements. Your feedback as always is

The big change is that you are no longer required to log in. This
will allow users first visiting the site to get a better view of
the type of content that's provided and how the site works.
However, because most of the benefit of drinkvine is personalized
content - viewing as a guest gives you a more generic view.

There are a few side benefits of being able to view content
without logging in:

1) You can now link to directly to most pages, whereas previously
you could not. So things like the new release lists, top pages,
etc can be bookmarked or referenced in web pages, tweets, etc.

2) One of the things that was developed for guests was to display
the top products which had inventory at the store they just
selected. This is a new feature. If you like it let me know and
I'll get it added into the view for users as well.

If you'd like to see how things look when viewing as a guest, just
select the "logout" button at the top of the screen and then point
your browser directly to "drinkvine.com".

JonahHex 29 May 2013 11:12am
The "watch list" has disappeared from my homepage. The "matched drinks" and "unmatched" are still there.
Urotsukidoji 29 May 2013 12:25pm
same here, what up with that?
Ralphus 30 May 2013 2:04pm
Fixed. Thanks for bringing to my attention..
This comment has been edited.
JonahHex 30 May 2013 9:26am
Summer release is starting to show up in stores.
Item# / Product Name / Size (mL) / Alc / Price
320697 Mikkeller Canadian Dream 330 4.6% \$3.45
322529 Hofbrau Hefe Weizen 500 5.1% \$2.95
318907 Abbaye des Rocs Blanche Des Honnelles Strong Belgian Wheat Ale 330 6.0% \$2.80
272369 Thornbridge Kipling South Pacific Ale 500 5.2% \$5.00
333138 Howe Sound King Heffy Imperial Hefeweizen 1000 7.7% \$11.20
320028 Ommegang Hennepin 6 x 355 7.7% \$12.95
333146 Charlevoix Dominus Vobiscum Saison 750 6.0% \$9.90
322578 Ngne Saison 500 6.5% \$6.00
322552 Le Trou du Diable Shawinigan Handshake 500 6.5% \$4.95
325738 Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel 330 9.0% \$3.75
327601 Scaldis Blonde Triple 750 10.5% \$8.10
333468 Les Trois Mousquetaires Hopfenweisse 750 6.0% \$6.75
318758 Cuve des Jacobins Belgian Lambic Ale 330 5.5% \$3.30
MrStrongKnoc 30 May 2013 1:10pm
ya just came back from the LCBO and I was drooling when I saw all the new stuff. It's gonna be a great weekend for us craft beer drinkers :-)
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