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Newest Beers Released 21 Oct 2:31pm
Quite a few out under the radar. Wychwood Black Wych 588012 not part of halloween.. -tyke read comment
Newest Beers Released 20 Oct 1:55pm
no one updating the site anymore? :( -spinrsx read comment
Newest Beers Released 13 Sep 1:19pm
Halloween releases code #s & LCBO links now at.. -JonahHex read comment
Newest Beers Released 13 Sep 1:18pm
Autumn release with code #s & LCBO links now up at.. -JonahHex read comment
Amsterdam Boneshaker Gift Set 13 Sep 1:16pm
Skull mug with 4 cans set mentioned in the upcoming seasonal release, now.. -JonahHex read comment
Newest Beers Released 13 Sep 1:14pm
St. Ambroise PUMPKIN Ale now in CAN singles at.. -JonahHex read comment
drinkvine 18 Aug 5:51pm
Good to see New Holland Dragon's Milk coming again. Also keen to try the new.. -tyke read comment
Newest Beers Released 15 Aug 7:41pm
wow, big list, some good stuff -Urotsukidoji read comment
Newest Beers Released 10 Aug 7:32am
LCBO Autumn Import / Halloween / Ontario Release 2017 Begins week of Sept... -JonahHex read comment
Newest Beers Released 24 May 8:35pm
New releases Halcyon Barrel House Infinity Mirror Brett IPA LCBO#: 514943 |.. -codfish read comment
Newest Beers Released 24 May 8:29pm
LCBO Summer release LCBO 489351 Gahan Blueberry Ale - 473 ml - Canada LCBO.. -codfish read comment
Fullers Extra Special Bitter 21 May 9:18am
This listing used to be product ID 369173. All users that had that product.. -Ralphus read comment
Le Trou Du Diable La Saison Du Tracteur 5 May 4:57pm
what happened to the smaller bottle that was part of an earlier release? Pour.. -tyke66a read comment
Hwy. 89 & Young 2 May 3:23pm
UPDATE 2017: This is my local LCBO and over the years it seems to go through.. -Elbow read comment
Collective Arts Project IPA No. 2 28 Apr 8:13pm
top notch stuff right here..if u wants hops this bad boy gots it -MrStrongKnoc read comment
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Ralphus 4 May 2012 4:07pm
Thanks mfgeorge. Will get it up within a few days.
matttthewgeorge 2 Aug 2012 7:11am
Ralph, how hard would it be and/or would it be possible
to have a section on the site where I could click on an
individual LCBO store and get their entire inventory?
Ralphus 9 Aug 2012 9:10pm
drinkvine knows the specific inventories of all products that have
been added to any users list. This is a fairly useful gauge of in
demand products for beer drinkers, but it not a complete listing
of every product at the LCBO as the site does not attract nearly
as many wine drinkers (they don't appear to suffer from the same
shortages that beer drinkers do).

I could probably mash the data and get a view of all of the
products that drinkvine knows about at a given store.. but as
mentioned that would likely be a subset, not the entire inventory.
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JonahHex 16 Aug 2012 11:30am
I really appreciate the features right on the homepage that highlight the seasonal releases and brewery spotlights.

But can that same be done to draw attention to new listings, such as Magic Hat and the upcoming Green Flash IPA and Creemore Altbier?
dude 18 Aug 2012 8:46am
second the request for this. a newest listings outside of sesonal and brewery feature would be great
Urotsukidoji 20 Aug 2012 3:40pm
yup, that would rock
JonahHex 20 Aug 2012 7:52pm
FYI, the Creemore Altbier and a Great Lakes Belgian Saison are now listed.

Time to go shopping! :)
TheBeeraholic 21 Aug 2012 11:21am
+1 to JonahHex's request. That would be great. Pretty much a section for all the Beers Coming in the Nearish Future on BT would be nice.
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